Stock Market tipsIn today’s era everyone wants to be financially secured. If you want to be financially secured then you must plan to invest your savings. Always remember you can never be rich unless your income is greater than your expenditures. Investment should grow for you, if you have debts then there no meaning of saving or investing money. So before you plan to invest, make sure you have a secure job and 1 year living expenses in your bank account, so that you can use that fund as an emergency fund.

Plan out to make financial arrangement and spend your income sensibly.  Before you invest, you should know the basic knowledge of stock market.  Educate yourself; read books related to stock market, investment tips and ideas on stock markets. Sachin Karpe strongly recommends thinking and practicing before investing. Start your trading stock practice on paper. Keep a track and record the dates of the stock trades, no of shares, stock prices, profit and loss, and taxes on dividend, commissions and short or long term capital gains. Calculate your net profit or loss for a period. Compare your results with stock market index. Keep this as a daily practice until you feel skilled and proficient. Once you become knowledgeable and confident about stock market, you can start trading with real money.

Inspect and choose the companies to invest which has a record of profitability for the last ten years. Stay up to date with current stock markets and then invest.  Hold your investment for at least 5 to 10 years. Do not sell when the market goes down for a day or month. Don’t take profit when your stocks go high for 50%, 100% or even for 200%. Only sell if the stock price goes high above its value or if the fundamentals of the company changes and doubtfully profitable anymore.

Keep tracking and researching on your own say Sachin Karpe. Stop asking for any help from others do not pay attention to any stock tips. Few people market themselves for raising money giving false statements about the stocks.  Do not pay attention where you can distract for short term investments.  Go for long term investment which will benefit you in future with high profit market value.  If you really need help, then you can consult a reputable broker, banker or investment adviser.

Always do research and read books, articles related to stock market. Market won’t remain the same; there will be ups and downs. It’s you who is investing so you should know how to make the smartest choice and how to deal with loss and profit. Keep yourself updated and invest regularly and systematically.


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