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Karbonn Partners with Flipkart to Launch Entry Level Phones

FlipKart, Sachin Karpe
Flipkart and Karbonn have come together to launch 4 new entry level Android smartphones priced between Rs 2,699 and Rs 4,499 says Sachin Karpe.

Available in white and black colours, Karbonn Smart A52+, Karbonn Smart A12, Karbonn Smart A11 and Karbonn Smart A50S dual-sim phones will be exclusively sold by Flipkart. Two of these phones run Android 4.4 KitKat, the latest version of the OS.


Google bids Orkut adieu!

Orkut, Sachin Karpe

Orkut, Google’s first social networking site, will cease to exist with the Internet giant deciding to shut down the service launched 10 years ago. Orkut, the widely used social networking website in India and Brazil, will shut down on September 30. Since facebook, YouTube, Blogger and Google+ have been growing on a greater extent, these platforms have outspaced the growth of orkut and so according to Google its time to shut it down utter Sachin Karpe.

One reason why google will shut orkut down is to focus on its other social networking initiatives. The company declined to say how many users Orkut has. Google has increasingly sought to position Google+ less as a social networking “stream” that competes with Facebook, and more as a means of establishing a unified “user identity” system to improve Google’s various Web properties.

Last year, for example, Google began requiring users of its YouTube site to sign in with their Google+ identity before posting comments about videos. The company said it would preserve an archive of all Orkut “communities” that will be available from September 30. So for all the avid fans and users Orkut this would be the last two to enjoy the games, scrap posts etc.

Maruti to Enter Luxury Segment

Maruti Logo, Sachin Karpe

The company responsible for the small car revolution in India, way back in 80s, has now geared up to enter the luxury segment says Sachin Karpe. Its record of selling big cars has not been as successful as expected, yet the car maker will test its mettle by introducing a slew of 4 cars. It has always understood the pulse of Indian consumers’ hat helped it get a good grip in the car market with its legendary 800 models. Battling a continuously lowering profit and a tough competition, Maruti has been looking for new ideas and innovations since quite some time now says Sachin Karpe.


Success Tips for Young Entrepreneurs by Sachin Karpe

Fotolia, Sachin Karpe


Sachin Karpe shares 10 success tips for young entrepreneurs-

Do what you love – All successful teen businesses have one factor in common: Their owners love what they do – so choose a small business idea that aligns with your interests, no matter what they are. Know what you want – Are you willing to leave school if your business takes off? Or do you envision your business as a side project? Being able to answer questions like these will help you organize your time and priorities.  Be radical – In your late teens and early 20s, your thinking is fresh, original and full of energy. Don’t be afraid to try something no one’s ever done,  create an off-the-wall product or shake up an existing market by changing factors (such as a service or delivery model) that established companies take for granted says Sachin Karpe

 Uday Kotak wins the EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year 2014 Award says Sachin Karpe

Udaykotak, Sachin Karpe

Uday Kotak, the founder, Executive Vice Chairman and Managing Director of Kotak Mahindra Bank was last night named the EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year 2014 at an awards ceremony held in Monaco’s Salle des Etoiles. Mr Kotak was picked from among the 60 country finalists vying for the title from 51 countries, each of whom has already been named the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year in their home countries says Sachin Karpe.

Common Characteristics Of Successful Entrepreneurs By Sachin Karpe

Successful Entrepreneurs

Sachin Karpe a successful entrepreneurs shares some of the common characteristics to become a successful entrepreneurs by his own experience.

Do what you enjoy – What you get out of your business in the form of personal satisfaction, financial gain, stability and enjoyment will be the sum of what you put into your business. So if you don’t enjoy what you’re doing, in all likelihood it’s safe to assume  that will be reflected in the success of your business–or subsequent lack of success. In fact, if you don’t enjoy what you’re doing, chances are you won’t succeed.

Take what you do seriously – You cannot expect to be effective and successful in business unless you truly believe in your business and in the goods and services that you sell. Far too many home business owners fail to take their own businesses seriously enough, getting easily sidetracked  and not staying motivated and keeping their noses to the grindstone. They also fall prey to naysayers who don’t take them seriously because they don’t work from an office building, office park, storefront, or factory. Little do these skeptics, who rain on the home business owner’s parade, know is that the number of people working from home, and making very good annual incomes, has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years.

Plan everything – Planning every aspect of your home business is not only a must, but also builds habits that every home business owner should  develop, implement, and maintain. The act of business planning is so important because it requires you to analyze each business situation, research and compile data, and make conclusions based mainly on the facts as revealed through the research. Business planning also serves a second function, which is having your goals and how you will achieve them, on paper. You can use the plan that you create both as map to take you from point A to Z and  as a yardstick to measure the success of each individual plan or segment within the plan says Sachin Karpe.

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