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Sachin Karpe talks About Benefits of Reading

Benefits of Reading, Sachin Karpe

1. Benefits of Reading – Reading is a great way of taking your focus of attention of your everyday troubles and worries for a while as it transport you to places, dream worlds and cultures that you may know little about or you were not even aware they existed. Sometimes the stresses of modern day living shrink our awareness onto a narrow band of focus of attention and away from the rest of the world, all it’s glory, mystery and things to discover.

Books can stimulate and excite your imagination and curiosity, everything that exists and has ever existed is documented and can be found in a book, reading can teach you new skills, idea’s and give you a new positive outlook on life.  As per Sachin Karpe’s views, books can take you out of your world and away from your personal perspectives for a while as they let you into the private mind,
the idea’s and opinions of others. With reading, your vast array of new found knowledge will help you to become more involved in discussions, you will be more able to instigate much more variable and interesting levels of conversations.

Metacognition, Think about thinking

2. Metacognition refers to learners’ automatic awareness of their own knowledge and their ability to understand, control, and manipulate their own cognitive processes. Metacognition has important affective or personality components. For example, an important part of comprehension is approaching a reading task with the attitude that the topic is important and worth comprehending. Being aware of the importance of a positive attitude and deliberately fostering such an attitude is an example of a metacognitive skill says Sachin Karpe.

Bad Habits, Sachin Karpe

3. A recent study shows that intelligent children are more likely to drink as adults when compared to their peers.  According to the infographic, if you drink less than once a year, IQ level can be less than 75. If you drink quite often, IQ level is greater than 125
A British study tested children’s IQ at age 5, 10 and 15yrs. 30 yrs later they were asked if they used drugs earlier. Guys IQ more than 100 use drugs double than their peers says Sachin Karpe.

Depression, Chronic Anxiety

4. In a 2012 study patients with generic anxiety disorder exhibited higher IQ scores. Chronic anxiety leads to depression, smoking, neuroticism. The keys to overcoming chronic anxiety are to: understand the roots of your anxiety, acknowledge your emotions of fear and sadness, practice being compassionate towards yourself, and learn to calm your body, so you can then work constructively with your thought processes and stand up to fear based beliefs and take effective action says Sachin Karpe.


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