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Does online marketing strategy affects our business? Sachin Karpe’s answers

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Online marketing is changing the standard procedures good to go in business says Sachin Karpe. What strategy is working today can’t predict in future. As online marketing strategy keeps on changing, because everyday new apps, channels and forms of online marketing emerge, what content marketers should concentrate on is a big question.

While previously the fundamental of promoting channel was a static website, article and PR submissions to drive lot of traffics towards their website targeting specific keywords. Today, most of the companies and marketers find new customers through social media channels such as twitter, facebook, linkedin and pinterest. Apart from this marketers consider image / video sharing to increase their business and to get clients. Blogs creation and updation along with search engine localization has become so popular. In today’s era competition is so high that everyone wants to get into online marketing and now the focus in on mobile devices. Marketers target mobile apps to get direct clients and business.

As everyday the strategy changes in online marketing, we too need to keep updated and change according to the new trends to get business and success in online marketing says Sachin Karpe.


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